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Young carer's assessment

A young carer is anyone under 18 who looks after a family member who is physically or mentally ill, disabled or misuses substances. This could be a parent, grandparent, brother or sister.

They may be carrying out chores, giving medication and other medical help, or providing emotional support.

This can make them feel overwhelmed and under pressure to take time off school to help around the house or not go out with friends.

Many young carers find it difficult to talk about being a carer. They worry people will think they're not coping, or their family will split up if they don't carry on with their caring role.

But it's important they understand health and social care charities and organisations can help.

Get help through a young carer's assessment

Young people who look after a family member may benefit from a young carer's assessment. This will look at what services are available. These can include:

  • access to a peer support group, advice and guidance from specialist staff
  • respite opportunities
  • practical help in the home
  • home adaptations and facilities
  • support with issues at work, school or college.

Other services may be provided depending on what the young carer needs.

Make a referral

Make a referral for a young carer's assessment.

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