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Detached Youth Work

Essex County Council currently has detached youth workers supporting young people in a range of locations across Essex.

Detached youth work is one way of offering a service to young people which takes place in their communities, away from buildings. This can happen in areas that young people might identify as their ‘own ground’, for instance, parks & recreational areas, local high streets and other areas young people choose to meet.

Detached youth work is delivered on the streets, in areas where there is an identified need. Delivery is flexible and can be daytime, evenings and weekends dependant on the young people.

The aims of the detached youth workers involves making contact with young people and positively influencing their lives by providing support and guidance and engaging them in a programme of informal social education, which is engaging, exciting and challenging. Young people are an integral and important part of the life of any community or neighbourhood and detached youth workers will also help local groups and residents understand the needs of young people.

In Summary - Detached youth work is a method of youth work delivery, which enables workers to make contact with young people and positively influence their lives by engaging them in a programme of informal social education, in places where young people choose to meet, away from traditional youth work venues.

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