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Success at Awards Evening

12 April 2017
man and boy

Congratulations to Jason Toms who has recently been highly commended in the Care Leavers category at the Coram Voice Awards.

Coram Voice is a platform for the voices of children in care in and around the care system. Jason submitted a letter to himself as an 8 year old child from himself as a 22 year old man.

One of our team was lucky enough to interview Jason after the awards ceremony…


What have you been doing here this evening?

This evening I had the privilege of being a finalist at the CORAM- Voices competition. I was one of six finalists in the UK care leavers category.

What was the most enjoyable part of the evening?

The most enjoyable part of the evening was being congratulated by Dr Who (Peter Capaldi)

What was the competition like?

The competition was of a really high standard and there were many powerful, emotional pieces of writing.

How do you feel about the experience and what you have achieved?

I am proud that my entry has been recorded and added to an app as a free resource for future generations of children in care. It makes me happy to think I may have given something to children coming into care.

Well done to Jason and his highly commended piece of writing is below for you to enjoy…


This is a letter to me from me aged 22 years to myself aged 8 years. I have chosen to write a letter to me aged 8 years because this is when I came into care. As an 8 year old I found it really scary to wake up, go downstairs and see my dad with a suitcase.

I thought we were going on holiday but actually we were getting into a strangers car (I did not know where we were going or what was going on) and then we pulled up outside someone’s house then I remember going through the door with my parents and a suitcase and being told that I would have to stay here.

I would not let go of my mum. I cried. I thought my mum and dad did not love me. Then they left.

Dear Jason (aged 8)

Things are going to be fine. Try not to worry or be afraid. You are going into a loving, warm family who will care for you. Eventually you will also see your old friends from primary school who you did not think you would see again. Richard and Steven will turn up and make you feel more at ease at your foster placement.

Life will be fine, there is light at the end of the tunnel. Whenever you are offered help, accept that help. Learn from your mistakes and be stronger. Enjoy yourself; make new friends you will be going to a new primary school literally down the road. Have fun!!