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Young Essex Assembly Member awarded BBC Teen Hero Award

23 October 2019
Rachel receiving her BBC Teen Hero Award from Prince William and Kate Middleton

Essex Youth Service are delighted that an Essex teenager has been awarded the BBC Teen Hero Award for 2019. This is an amazing achievement and well deserved, congratulations to Rachel. 

Essex Youth Service have been working with Rachel for many years and supported her as an elected Young Essex Assembly member for Basildon where she also volunteers with her local Youth Council. 

Rachel’s peers in Essex elected her as one of their UK Youth Parliament representatives due to her capacity to clearly articulate her message to the wider community, her passion for instigating change and her commitment to ensuring young people’s experiences and views are heard by policy and decision makers within the local and national political arenas.

Earlier this year, she was appointed as Chair for the UK Youth Select Committee which she has fully embraced. The group are focussing on knife crime and are raising awareness of young people’s views and experiences on this very important issue.

We would like to congratulate Rachel on her amazing achievements and the inspirational work that she does with the Basildon Youth Council, the Young Essex Assembly, the UK Youth Parliament and the UK Select Committee. We hope Rachel finds time in her very busy schedule to celebrate her achievements with those closest to her to have supported her and encouraged her on this fantastic journey, she is a true young people’s champion and we are honoured to work with her.