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Youth Workers on the front line at Basildon Hospital

30 August 2019
Police Fire and Crime Commissioner For Essex

As part of a one-year pilot project, The Police Fire and Crime Commissioners office have commissioned Essex Youth Service to work in Basildon hospital, to support young people aged 13 – 19 years, and up 25 years with special educational needs.

Since July 2019, Pippa Meades and Sarah Milford have been working in A&E and on the children’s wards and have engaged with 80 young people who are victims of youth violence or who are showing vulnerabilities such as mental health issues, sexual health issues or risky behaviours.

The objective is to create a support plan once they have left the hospital. This support could involve linking in with existing community and statutory services, providing access to youth groups and/or referrals to 1-to-1 work. Engagement with the service is completely voluntary.

One parent, when asked about the service said, “they are great!”. The hospital staff have said, “You have been really helpful and go above and beyond your role to help”.

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