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Complementary education

Complementary Education Years 7, 8 and 9

Do you have students who are disengaged with their education?

This social education groupwork programme, based on early intervention, is for young people in Years 7, 8 and 9, who would benefit from additional support with issues that are affecting their lives and interrupting their education.

The learning will not be lesson-based but done through a variety of activities. These can include:

  • outdoor-based sports
  • cooking
  • arts and crafts
  • community projects

The informal education style creates an environment which is proven to create a relaxed atmosphere where young people will build trust and share problems. The learning might include:

  • confidence building
  • managing emotions
  • child sexual exploitation
  • online safety
  • grooming
  • healthy lifestyles and healthy eating
  • living around gangs
  • positive relationships

It is a flexible programme, where the young person can attend up to 2 days per week.

Curriculum example:

Subject Area                  Topics covered Skills
Mental Health
& Wellbeing
  • Challenges
  • Awareness of mental health
  • Stigma
  • Encourage young people to reach out for support if they need it
  • Managing stress
  • Benefits of positive stress
  • Techniques to use when feeling stressed
  • 5 ways of wellbeing
English, speaking and listening

Complementary Education Years 10 and 11

Do you have pupils struggling to engage with mainstream education?

This programme aims to help young people increase their confidence, motivation and development. It runs two days per week from September to July (end of June in Year 11).

The daily hours are the same as schools, but set by each scheme (approx 9am – 3pm).

Maths and English – 3 hours

Learners have the opportunity to embed functional skills throughout the programme. Functional Skills Maths and English are taught throughout the year.

The qualifications:

We offer national and local accreditation from City & Guilds and Gateway Qualifications awarding bodies. These qualifications and awards help young people’s development and prepares them for further education. These sit under Ofqual and carry credits.

We also provide short courses that meet the needs of the learners. These can include:

  • Sex and relationship education
  • Managing emotions
  • Transitional and progression work
  • Crime reduction
  • Healthy lifestyles and healthy eating
  • Understanding consequences of crime, gangs, CSE

Informal Education: 03330 322800

Curriculum example:

 Subject Area Topics covered  Functional Skills  Time scale
 Career Planning, Interview Skills and Searching for a Job
  • Types of interviews
  • Interview questions/techniques
  • Inappropriate and appropriate behaviour
  • Positive communication (verbal and non-verbal)
  • Job Profiles and adverts
  • Following instructions
  • Time keeping
  • Application forms
  • Presentations
Letter writing
Completing application forms
Wages and taxes
CV writing

September until December

Review May or June

Make a referral

Refer a young person for alternative education