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Prison No Way

Young people are becoming increasingly susceptible of being drawn into criminal activity, whether they are aware of this or not. This 10-session programme (designed for Key Stage 3 and 4 pupils) aims to prevent such things from happening, by enabling our young people to make informed and better decisions, resulting in the development of personal and social responsibility.  

Over the duration of the programme, the young people involved will explore the realities of crime and dispel the myths surrounding it, gaining an increased knowledge of the impact it can have on their lives not only in the present, but also future opportunities.

The programme is interactive and based on informal education techniques that we feel will empower young people to learn in a way that may be more suited to them.  We also aim to encourage and give them the opportunity to express their own views and experiences so we can analyse them together and help each individual feel part of the discussion.

Some outcomes we want the young people to achieve by taking part include:

  • Gaining sufficient knowledge to enable them to make informed decisions concerning possible involvement in criminal activity.
  • Encouraged to view criminal behaviours both objectively and subjectively.
  • Increase the consideration and empathise with victims of crime.
  • Encouraged to consider and acknowledge their personal and social responsibility.
  • Consider the impact of youth crime on their local communities and the wider society.
  • Consider and acknowledge the lifelong consequences of criminal activity both to themselves and wider circles.