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Targeted Youth Advisers

The Essex Youth Service Targeted Team supports young people through individual and group work meetings. We work with schools and students to identify and overcome barriers in order to achieve their full potential.

We offer support through a school drop-in service or students being referred on an individual basis. This has been operating successfully through many schools in Essex, helping students:

  • Improve school attendance
  • Build emotional resilience and managing stress
  • Understand consequences of behaviour
  • Increase self-esteem and confidence
  • Improve relationships with peers and adults
  • Learn skills for overcoming personal challenges
  • Improve behaviour and management of emotions
  • Get careers information and support

Our programmes

We support development and learning through many different methods, specialising in effective and skilled support within individual meetings but also offering the opportunity to learn through group work facilitated by us.

Programmes can be created dependent on the needs of the students.

Feedback from young people, parents and schools shows that some of the most popular and successful group work includes:

GOALS for young people

A group motivational training programme which can significantly change thinking and behaviour by challenging existing beliefs and developing self-esteem and confidence. This course can change attitudes to education and training, giving young people self-belief, emotional resilience and determination to achieve for the future. Three full days training.


A programme for girls to build their body confidence and realise their potential for the future. This group programme is very popular in schools and can effectively change the way girls see themselves, recognising their strengths and raising their self esteem. Three six-hour sessions.

PSHE support sessions

These sessions give students the opportunity to explore and share ideas, identify barriers and challenges on a wide range of issues including healthy relationships, money matters, beating exam stress, employability skills and post-16 options, keeping safe and emotional wellbeing.

CXK First Steps and Step Up

A programme to support young people aged 14 to 18 at high risk of NEET and unlikely to achieve full potential without additional support.

Case Study

I met Lisa, an Employability and Skills Advisor for the ECC area as I was unemployed and not doing anything, she told me about different learning opportunities in the area and when I heard her mention TCHC Clacton I decided to attend an interview with them. Once I had heard more about what they do at that interview I decided to give it a go. Lisa was on hand all the time to help me and even attended the interview with me to speak with Cheryl at TCHC.

Due to my personal circumstances I did not attend education from the age of 9. This meant that I didn’t have any qualifications, much experience with people or as much confidence as I would have liked. When I heard at my interview what the Gaps Study Programme offers in terms of education, I became very interested in what they could provide me. I was also very interested in engaging in new social situations with people my own age. My main goal was to gain qualifications, go to college and maybe one day university.

While attending the Gaps Study Programme I have taken part in many fun activities, made friends and have been nominated as Student Rep. I also gained the qualifications of Functional Skills English Level 1 and Level 2, Functional Skills Maths Level 1 and Level 2, an Employability Award, a Certificate in Customer Service Level 1 and Level 2 and I am currently working towards I.T. User Skills Level 2. I feel that my Customer Service qualifications and my position as Student Rep have especially helped me with my communication and my people skills.

Whilst on the programme, Lisa would remain in contact with me and check in on my progress with Cheryl which was helpful. Despite many bumps in the road including leaving home and living with my neighbour, family rifts and my lack of confidence, travel barriers from Jaywick and finances I decided to stick at it and completed the programme.

As a result of attending the GAPS programme, I have been able to work towards my overall goal of attending Sixth Form College and went and met with the Vice Principal at the College who was also supportive. They gave me a test to assess my levels of education and told me they would accept me to undertake this September the GCSE resit programme. Lisa also spoke to Cheryl about accessing a grant to help me with Travel costs to College until my Bursary was sorted out and I was awarded a grant from the Jaywick Community Fund to help with travel to college.

The Gaps Study Programme has taken me from not having any qualifications or work experience at all to having a bundle of work experience and qualifications. These qualifications have not just helped me with confidence and a feeling of achievement but have also helped me gain an unconditional place at Colchester Sixth From where I will soon be working towards gaining the qualifications of GCSE Maths, GCSE English Language, GCSE Citizenship, Btec Science and Btec Business.

Personally, the Gaps Study Programme has made me happier, more confident and feel easier about my future and what it might hold. Since Attending the Gaps Study Programme, I have moved forward in life and moved away from everything that was holding me back. I am extremely pleased that I gave this course a go and will be forever grateful to everyone who has helped and supported me while I have been attending this programme.


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