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Work Experience Placements

We can help your students with work experience placements by:


  • providing copies of health and safety visits from our database of approved businesses
  • undertaking full business visits and providing copies of assessments to ensure they are appropriate
  • arranging one or two days placements on a longer-term basis, there is a set-up fee per placement and an additional termly fee

We will meet each student to discuss work placement options. We can then source a relevant placement, complete an on-site health and safety risk assessment and set up an interview for the student


  • h&s checks (online)                                     £25
  • h&s checks (visit)                                        £75
  • long-term placements (setup fee)                £250
  • long-term placements (per term)                 £150

Unfortunately, we cannot help with short-term placements for large groups of students. However, we can undertake the health and safety visits on your behalf.

Bookings are taking place for September, please be aware this is a busy period for the team. If you would like to discuss any of these options further, please feel free to contact us at