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Year 6 – 7 Transition

Year 6 – 7 Transition

Making the move from primary to secondary school can be an exciting but emotional time for young people. 

Essex Youth Service can deliver a Transition Programme that can support young people making this transition. 

The programme will focus on developing the social and emotional skills needed to move into secondary school.

Topics covered could be:

  • Coping with Change
  • Building Resilience
  • Friendships
  • Making Good Choices

Young people will be able to:

  • Celebrate their achievements
  • Talk about thoughts, feelings and behaviour
  • Say goodbye to primary school and move on in a positive mind set.

This programme can be delivered within a group or 1:1 if more appropriate.

Year 6 Transition Activity Booklet


Essex Youth Service are pleased to be launching a free fun and interactive Year 6 Transition Activity Booklet.

Transitioning from primary to secondary school is a significant change for young people so the aim of the booklet is for those transitioning from Year 6 – 7 to work through fun and hands on activities to help prepare them for life in Year 7. These activities will support the young person with their journey into secondary school by focusing on topics such as Coping with Change, Getting Organised and Making Good Choices.

Whilst working through the activities they will earn points which can then be used to claim their award certificate at the end.

If you want your child to take part, please email us and one of the team will issue you with your starter pack.

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To register a child, email us at detailing each individual Full Name, School and Date of birth.