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How to Apply for Apprenticeships

Find an Apprenticeship - A Step-By-Step Guide

You should be visiting this website Find an apprenticeship - GOV.UK at least once a week to keep up to date with the latest opportunities. Vacancies can be added and removed from the website on a regular basis depending on the volume of applications made. When applying, it is important to ensure your profile highlights all your skills and experience.

1. Create an Account
Visit Find an apprenticeship - GOV.UK and then click on the link to create an account.
Fill in the online form including personal information and contact details.
You will be asked to create a password
(It’s free to register and once you have set up your account you can receive free alerts for new vacancies as they come in via email or to your mobile phone).

2. Account Activation
When you register for the first time, you’ll receive an activation code by email. Activate your account by clicking on the link. Log in with the username and password used to set up your account.

3. Search for Vacancies
Once this is completed, you can then search for vacancies, at this stage you can also click on to the online tour to help you search for vacancies. You can narrow your search down by different criteria to improve the results. You can apply for up to ten live vacancies at any one time.

3. Found a Vacancy?
Once you’ve found and applied for the vacancies that you want, you can manage your applications online. You will need to check your emails regularly for updates and ensure that your mobile number and email address are updated on the system if they do change.

Tips for Applying
Listed below are two links which offer advice and support to help you write a strong application as well as some useful hints and tips to support this.

Careerpilot - Applying for Apprenticeships Tips

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