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Downtowner Youth Centre


Nevendon GAP CCB

Fridays 3.30-6.30pm 

An intergenerational project providing skill swaps i.e. cooking, computers and games. The project also has the flexibility to encourage its members to be part of the planning

To find out more contact Carla Andrews email or call 07846 209846

Billericay and Wickford Scout District

Scout group 14+

To find out more contact Carla Andrews email or call 007802425842 Richard Clark

Army Cadets

Tuesday and Thursday 7-9pm

To find out more contact Major John Caiger email or call 07826 840599

Poppie's Café

On wednesdays 10am-1:30pm Poppie's café will be open to the local community which is run by SEND young people from Castledon 6th Form College.

For more information please contact


Information on access to Downtowner Youth Centre can be found on AccessAble, formerly Disabled Go.


Downtowner Youth Centre
St Ivron’s Road
SS12 0AQ