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The UK's at home, but The Essex Youth Service is Open!

We will be running online activities for you via Zoom. You can access Zoom from the internet or you can download the Zoom app. Read the descriptions of our Zoom sessions to find the perfect one for you and then book a session online today.

These online activities are for young people aged 13-19 years, or up to 25 with additional needs (some activities for younger people where stated). Each session will last approximately 30 minutes. You can apply for any session, however, for those with a star you will need to email in to enquire about joining this group as there may be criteria for your attendance.

We look forward to hearing from you and please tell us what you think about our online activities.

Full Timetable

Monday 1st June 

  • 3.00pm Baking with Emma (age 7-12)
  • 4.00pm Learn some Magic Tricks
  • 4.30pm Smoothie Making
  • 6.00pm Guess the Picture Quiz
  • 8.00pm Ask Sue – any questions for Auntie Sue?

Tuesday 2nd  June

  • 3.00pm Home Science (age 13-19) – easy science experiments with things you will find round your home
  • 3.00pm Quiz Beauty and the Beast (age 13-19)
  • 3.30pm Maths Club
  • 4.00pm Talk Disney (age 13-19) - share your love of all things Disney
  • 4.30pm Fitness & street dance with Fusion Dance
  • 5.00pm Talk Disney (age 7-12) - share your love of all things Disney
  • 5.00pm Working in the music business
  • 6.00pm Bingo
  • 7.00pm Pamper masks
  • 8.00pm Exploring www.

Wednesday 3rd June

  • 3.00pm Nature crafts (age 7-12)
  • 4.00pm Baking with Emma
  • 5.00pm Junior Quiz Night (age 7-12)
  • 5.00pm The 7 Day Challenge
  • 6.00pm Art Zone
  • 6.30pm Relax
  • 7.00pm Video gaming
  • 8.00pm Catchphrase
  • 8.00pm Higher or Lower – card game

Thursday 4th June

  • 3.00pm Home Science (age 7-12) – easy science experiments with things you will find round your home
  • 3.00pm Learn to sing
  • 5.00pm Quiz Night
  • 5.00pm Stretch and lyrical dance with Fusion Dance
  • 6.00pm Scavenger Hunt
  • 7.00pm Live Chat: Share your ideas for keeping yourself well
  • 8.15pm Sign Language Basics

Friday 5th June

  • 4.00pm Bike maintenance
  • 5.00pm Football chat
  • 8.00pm Film Club

Saturday 6th June 

  • 12.00pm Bingo! (age 7-12)
  • 1.00pm Weekend Quiz
  • 2.00pm Baking
  • 3.00pm Bingo! (age 13-19)