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Frequently Asked Questions

Registration and DofE Welcome Pack

When does the next DofE programme begin?

Participants can register for the award at any point throughout the year, with our next youth-centre based sessions, and virtual sessions starting in Autumn 2023. For our upcoming programme dates, visit: Open Award Centre Information (

How do I register on the programme?

To register your place please visit: Duke of Edinburgh's Award registration - Essex County Council ( 

When will my DofE welcome pack and DofE discount card arrive?

The DofE welcome pack will arrive 3-4 weeks after the participant has entered their name and address within their profile on eDofE. Once this information is added it notifies DofE to initiate despatch of the pack. 

Do I need to wait for the welcome pack before I can get started?

No, you do not need to wait. Upon registration you will be emailed your username and password for eDofE. You can log in immediately. The booking confirmation email you receive following registration also contains some helpful YouTube links of DofE videos which explains next steps.

I’ve registered, but now I want to change award level. I.e switch from bronze to silver. Is this possible?  

Yes, it is possible to switch award levels within 5 working days after the initial account creation. After 5 working days, it is possible, however an additional £35 fee would be payable to cover the cost of the additional eDofE account that has to be created. ECC is charged for this additional place by DofE.  

I have a query, who should I email?  

Our DofE team manages Please drop us a line to this address. 


Award Sections

I am struggling to find an activity for one of my sections. Are you able to help? 

Drop us an email at We may be able to point you in the right direction. Alternatively you can use the DofE webpage for Ideas for activities 

How do I get an assessor to sign off a section?

The easiest way for your assessor to complete their report is to go online or they can complete the booklet within your welcome pack.



When do I register and pay for my expedition place?

Expedition dates will be advertised on the website by November every year, and bookable in the January. 

Can I pick and mix a practice and a qualifying expedition from different packages?  

No, unfortunately this we do not allow this. We want to keep continuity as much as possible within the team, it also becomes harder for us to manage expedition walking groups with people swapping in and out. 

What is the mobile phone policy?

Our mobile phone policy is one of the 20 conditions that DofE teams get assessed against whilst on their qualifying expedition. The policy states that mobile phone usage is for emergency use only. I.e when groups need to make contact with their supervisor whilst on expedition due to injury or other situations which require supervisor intervention. We ask that two members of the walking group carry a phone each (ideally on different networks) which are switched off and sealed within their rucksacks. Failure to adhere to the mobile phone policy may result in deferral of the expedition section. 

What conditions are expedition groups assessed against? 

In the lead up to, and throughout the qualifying expedition, participants are assessed against DofE's 20 conditions. Read the 20 conditions of the Expedition section. 

Do you have an expedition kit list?  

We have created our own expedition kit list so you can get prepared from the get-go and a visual reminder of how to pack a rucksack. Download the kit list

You can also refer to DofE's own suggestions on kit choices

I want my child to be in the same walking group as their friends. Is this possible? 

We strive to accommodate requests and to keep friendship groups together. However, at times this isn’t always possible. Expedition groups must be between 4-7 young people. Therefore, this condition governs how groups are formed. There might be instances whilst on expedition also whereby groups need to be merged or changed due to exceptional circumstances.