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Register for the Bronze DofE Award

Begin your Duke of Edinburgh's adventure with the Bronze Award. You can register for the Bronze Award if you are currently in the academic year that you turn 14 years old (year 9).

Bronze Award Registration

Registration for the Bronze Award costs £95 which equates to less than £4 a training session.

This registers you as a participant on The DofE Award which gives you a eDofE number and welcome pack so you can begin recording your activities. Registration includes weekly evening expedition training sessions which run from November through to July.

Our expedition training sessions are mainly focused on learning expedition skills - everything from camp craft to navigation and route planning. These sessions prepare you for the Expedition section of the award. We will also provide you with one to one support with eDofE. The Volunteering, Physical and Skills sections are completed in the participants own time.

Start dates

Our next DofE programme starts in the autumn term of 2019 on the following dates. Evening sessions run weekly during term time only and run through to the summer term.


  •  Chapel Street Youth Centre, Braintree – Thursday 14th November, 7.00pm
  • The Hermit Youth Centre, Brentwood – Monday 11th November, 7.00pm
  • Chelmer Gate Youth Centre, Chelmsford (Bronze Award only) – Wednesday 13th November, 7.00pm
  • Galleywood Youth Centre, Chelmsford (Silver and Gold only) – Tuesday 12th November, 7.30pm
  • Colchester Townhouse Youth Centre, Colchester (Bronze Award only) – Monday 11th November, 7.30pm
  • Colchester Townhouse Youth Centre, Colchester (Silver Award only) – Monday 11th November, 7.00pm
  • Colchester Townhouse Youth Centre, Colchester (Gold Award only) – Monday 11th November, 4.30pm
  • Hadleigh Youth Centre, Hadleigh – Tuesday 12th November, 7.00pm
  • Hare Street Youth Centre, Harlow – Tuesday 12th November, 7.00pm
  • Loughton Youth Centre, Loughton – Monday 11th November 7.00pm

If you register after the first training session, please attend the youth centre on the weekday evening that the session runs on, at the time stated. Sessions run weekly during term time only. You will be required to attend catch-up training sessions.

What is the latest date I can register for the award?

You can register a place with us at any point throughout the year. Once registered, you will receive your DofE welcome pack through the post within approximately 10 working days and an email from our team with your eDofE username and password. You can get started on the Volunteering , Physical and Skills sections of the award.

If you register after 31st January 2020 your expedition training sessions may take place in the summer holidays or commence from the autumn term of 2020.


What's involved

Volunteer in the community: 3 or 6 months

You'll volunteer about 1 hour a week doing something to help your community. For example, you could help out a charity shop, animal rescue centre or be a marshal at your local parkrun.

Do a physical activity: 3 or 6 months

Time to get physical! You'll start a new sport or progress in your existing sport or activity for an average of 1 hour a week. Set yourself a goal and go for it.

Develop a skill: 3 or 6 months

Discover a hidden talent and a new passion. You could learn how to code a website from scratch or make pottery. It takes 1 hour a week to develop a new skill or improve an existing one.

You have to complete a further 3 months in the volunteering, physical or skills section. You can decide which one to do for 6 months.

Hiking expedition: 2 days /1 night

As part of a team, you’ll plan and complete fun and challenging expeditions. You'll navigate and hike in the countryside, camp under the stars, cook in the outdoors and be self-sufficient. The practice and qualifying expeditions take place in the spring and summer.


Indicative costs

  • Award registration: £95
  • Training day: indicative cost £15
  • Practice expedition: indicative cost £60
  • Qualifying expedition: indicative cost £70

Costs can vary at the time of booking due to the mode of transport, staff numbers and campsite costs.



You can take part at venues across Essex:

Get in touch

If you need more information, email