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Register for the Silver DofE Award

Continue your Duke of Edinburgh's experience with the Silver Award. You can register for the Silver Award if you are currently in the academic year that you turn 15 years old (year 10).

Silver Award Registration

Registration for the Silver Award costs £149. This registers you as a participant on The Duke of Edinburgh Award which gives you an eDofE account and welcome pack where you can start recording details of your activities. Expeditions will be an additional cost.

Your registration fee will also include a qualified instructor to fully support you through your DofE journey. They will prepare you for your expedition plus provide one to one support with eDofe and helping with the volunteering, physical and skills sections.

You will complete training for your expedition through online and/or face to face sessions learning camp craft, navigation, route planning and first aid.

You will be asked to make a commitment of a minimum of one hour per week to your physical, volunteering and skills activities providing evidence throughout on your eDofE account.

What's involved

Volunteer in the community: 6 months

You'll volunteer 1 hour a week doing something to help your community. For example, you could help your local Scout group, football club or centre for people with disabilities. 

Do a physical activity: 3 or 6 months

Push your physical boundaries by setting yourself a challenge. You could look to increase your running distance or master your back-hand in tennis. Set yourself a goal and go for it by committing on average one hour a week.

Develop a skill: 3 or 6 months

Dive into a new skill you've always wanted to learn, or continue to master a skill you’re currently working on. You could learn the guitar or master a foreign language for one hour a week.
Either your physical or skills section require a 6 month commitment. You decide what you want to focus on. If you haven’t completed the Bronze Award, you must undertake a further 6 months in either the volunteering or the longer of the physical or skills sections.


Training day – 1 or 2 days (depending of numbers and experience of group)

This will be one (or two) full day which is instructor lead where you will learn the practical skills to complete your qualifying expedition. This will include putting up a tent, cooking on a stove and emergency procedures.

Two Walking expedition Practice and Qualifying: 3 days / 2 nights

Walk the hills and peaks in the beautiful Peak District or Brecon Beacons. As part of a team you’ll plan your route and the equipment and food you’ll need for 3 days and 2 nights. You’ll use your camp craft knowledge, communication, leadership and teamwork skills. The practice and qualifying expedition take place in the spring, summer or Autumn.

Indicative costs

  • Award registration: £149
  • Training day: indicative cost £15 (per day)
  • Practice expedition: indicative cost £120
  • Qualifying expedition: indicative cost £150

Costs can vary at the time of booking due to the mode of transport, staff numbers and campsite costs.

Registration and getting started

You can register and start your DofE journey at any point by starting your physical, volunteering and skill sections when you receive your eDofE account and welcome pack. In order to understand how to add evidence to eDofE it is recommended you watch the eDofE Training video playlist on the DofEUK Youtube Channel (Link Here) There are lots of recommended videos to watch, so please have a look at the full training list.

Your expedition section will be completed by teaching online and/or face to face sessions. These sessions will run between November and July. Depending on when you register for Essex DofE you may have to wait to complete your Expedition training.

Our DofE Youth Centre locations and session times

Monday evenings 7.00pm   - Brentwood, Hermit Youth Centre 

Monday evenings 7.00pm - Loughton, Loughton Youth Centre

Monday evenings 7.00pm (Bronze Award only) – Colchester, Colchester Townhouse Youth Centre

Monday evenings 5.00pm (Silver Gold Award only) – Colchester, Colchester Townhouse Youth Centre

Monday evenings 7.00pm (Monthly sessions) Virtual Open Award Centre (VOAC)


Tuesday evenings 7.30pm (Silver and Gold only) – Chelmsford, Galleywood Youth Centre


Wednesday evenings 7.00pm (Bronze Award only) – Chelmsford, Chelmer Gate Youth Centre 


Get in touch

If you need more information, email