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The DofE Award Bursary

The Essex County Council (ECC) Duke of Edinburgh's Award bursary is available to support DofE participation in schools operating The DofE Award under the ECC DofE licence and Open Award Centres throughout Essex. This bursary supports the guiding principle of the DofE Award being achievable by all, by supporting disadvantaged young people and those with additional needs.

For young people who enrol on The DofE Award, a discount of up to 30% can be applied to the total cost of the practice and qualifying walking expedition. Successful bursary places are subject to availability. The bursary is available to young people satisfying the following eligibility criteria:


  1. The home address of the participant is within an area designated by the government Indices of Multiple Deprivation (IMD) of 1, 2 or 3. Or
  2. The participant has declared themselves as having a disability. Or
  3. The participant is a child in care. Or
  4. In receipt of free school meals and pupil premium 

Please check your IMD score prior to applying:

Decision process:

The decision is made by the ECC DofE Manager. The expedition bursary can be applied for prior to enrolling on a DofE Award and prior to payment of the expedition costs. The bursary cannot be applied for retrospectively after payment for either the practice or qualifying walking expedition is made.