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Employment, Education and Training

Our team of Employment and Skills Advisers work with 16-18-year olds who are unemployed, living in Essex and looking for help to make their next steps in to education, employment or training.

If you're a young person in school or college please contact your school or college Careers Coordinator or Careers Adviser who is responsible for working with you to find employment, education or training. 

Our services include:

  • Careers Guidance for young people who are not in education, employment or training
  • CV advice
  • Help with the completion of application forms
  • Job Search and personal marketing techniques
  • Advice around interview techniques
  • Introductions to employers and Training Providers
  • Advice for parents/ carers of 16-18 year olds around Child Benefit extension
  • Regular vacancy bulletins containing details of employment and training opportunities
  • Referrals to other agencies as and when appropriate
  • Information on the Essex County Council   Youth Service offer, including NCS, Plan B ,Work experience and support available for young carers.

If you're not in school or college and are looking for employment, education or training please get in touch with our team, email: or call 0800 707 6384.

CV Advice

 What an employer is looking for in a cv:

  • Name and contact details
  • Sensible email address
  • No National Insurance Number
  • Date of birth is optional
  • Postal address is optional too

Personal Profile

An employer spends an average of 20 seconds looking at a CV. Make the personal profile paragraph short, sharp and to the point, stating why you are sending this CV: I am currently seeking an apprenticeship in etc… If you say you have excellent communication skills back it up with something you have achieved or took part in, for example: public speaking in school or part time work in a customer facing role.

Key Skills/Achievements

An employer doesn’t want to know what you achieved at primary school, make it relevant to the past 2/3 years. Include things like DofE, NCS, Sports Captain, prefect and winning any awards.  


If you are 16-18, put education before work experience on your cv. List your qualifications with English and Maths first and then list other subjects alphabetically, with the most recent achieved on top.


  • Any employment is relevant e.g. paper round and baby sitting
  • think about the skills that were gained and how they might be useful in the role you are applying for

Work Experience

  • Same as above
  • Try to remember exact dates

Hobbies and Interests

Again this should be short and sharp, think about hobbies which enable you to evidence team work, leadership, creativity or helping others.


Ask people if they are happy to act as a referee before adding any personal details


Not going to UNI? 

If you're leaving school and looking for an alternative to a full time University Degree, listen up!

Not Going To Uni were founded over a decade ago to help young people & their parents to understand early careers. 

They are an extremely popular website with School leavers in the UK. Offering alternatives to the traditional university route and providing information to help young people make informed decisions about their future.

To find out more, visit the Not Going To Uni website here-