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Register to become a virtual DofE participant

Virtual DofE Award Programme

All the benefits of our youth-centre based DofE award programme but with added time saving benefits for the young person. 

Want to start your DofE award but unsure of the regular commitment, or you do something already on that evening? Can't or don't fancy travelling to a youth centre?

Join our virtual programme. Online based - without the hassle of having to travel. And fewer sessions - ideal if you're time poor. You can choose to do your bronze, silver or gold award as a virtual participant. Alternatively, we offer a youth-centre based DofE programme.

How do I start?

You can register and start your DofE journey at any point in the year. You can get started with the physical, volunteering and skill sections when you receive your eDofE account and welcome pack. If you want to get set-up on eDofE ahead of your first training session, watch this eDofE training video. There are lots of recommended videos to watch, so do take a look at the full training list.

2022/23 session dates

Register and join our next virtual cohort starting October 2022. Each session is mandatory. 

Bronze's join us at 7.00-8.00pm and Silver and Golds join us at 8.00-9.30pm.

  • 18th Oct 2022
  • 1st Nov 2022
  • 15th Nov 2022
  • 29th Nov 2022
  • 13th Dec 2022
  • 10th Jan 2023
  • 24th Jan 2023
  • 7th Feb 2023
  • 21st Feb 2023
  • 7th March 2023

Which award level is right for me?

  • Bronze – for those aged 14+ years (or in the school year in which your peer group turn 14)
  • Silver – for those aged 15+ years (or in the school year in which your peer group turn 15)
  • Gold – for those aged 16+ years

What's involved?

DofE bronze timescale

DofE silver timescale

DofE gold timescale

How much is it?

The registration prices are £95 (Bronze), £149 (Silver), £159 (Gold). This registration fee includes an eDofE number, DofE welcome pack and all training sessions. The expedition training day and the practice and qualifying expeditions are an additional cost.

Our qualified and experienced DofE leaders will support you through your DofE journey. They will prepare you for your expedition as well as provide one-to-one support with eDofE and give guidance on section activities. 

Training Day and Expeditions 

These elements happen in-person. This will further set you up for your practice and qualifying walking expedition. It will include setting up tents, cooking on stoves, first aid and how to plan an expedition route ready for your first expedition.

The online training lessons and practical expedition training are both mandatory to ensure the DofE training framework is met. If lessons are missed, the participants expedition may be deferred.

You will go on to complete both a practice and qualifying expedition following successful completion of the expedition training element. 

If you have any questions regarding your registration, please contact: